Luxury AAA Canada Breitling’s New Replica Watches Was Inspired by A Balloon Journey Around The World

Every era has its own aeronautical obsession. Around the turn of the 20th century, it was simply getting off the ground. By the ’60s, it was getting to the moon. In the ’90s, it was one of the few unconquered high-altitude feats: a nonstop balloon trip around the globe.

It sounds a little wacky, but this was serious business. The endeavor preoccupied 11 teams that made 21 attempts in all before Bertrand Piccard succeeded on his third try in 1999 with copilot Brian Jones on the Breitling Orbiter 3. The journey covered more than 28,000 miles in just under 20 days. Now, 25 years after that accomplishment, Breitling is celebrating the Orbiter 3’s excursion with a new watch: the perfect CA replica Breitling Aerospace B70 Orbiter watches.

The gradated orange dial of the cheap Swiss Breitling fake watches is inspired by the color of the Orbiter 3’s capsule. A dual analog/digital display reflects a ’90s trend that is rare these days, especially in serious watchmaking. The newly created movement, which drives both functions, is the B70, a chronometer-certified SuperQuartz movement with ten times the accuracy of a standard quartz 1:1 Breitling copy watches online. While the analog hands display hours and minutes for the Breitling replica watches, the digital readout offers multiple timing functions, including a chronograph that registers increments of hundredths of a second.

But all that function aside, what makes this top Canada fake Breitling special edition watches really special is seen through the sapphire-crystal case back: a circular slice taken from the original Orbiter 3 balloon’s envelope. Which means wherever you take it, this high quality Breitling super clone watches—or a part of it at least—has already been around the world.

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